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Varg is the resident ambassador for the Canim. He is shown to be very intelligent

In Academ's Fury[]

Ambassador Varg first appears in Alera Imperia trying to warn the First Lord about suspicious activity with his personal guards. The First Lord, however, has been incapacitated and Varg is denied permission to speak with him. He sends for a messenger and Tavi is sent to get the message. In the Canim den, Varg mentions hearing rats in the walls and passively instructs Tavi to investigate. Tavi's investigation reveals Sarl's interaction with someone making plans, though it's not clear what the plot is.

After Tavi leaves, Varg investigates on his own and discovers the Vord nest in The Deeps. He then convinces Tavi and Kitai to investigate. Down there, the group finds that many Canim guards have been Taken by the Vord and that Sarl is plotting with the Vord to kill the First Lord so that Alera will open for an attack by the Canim.

In Cursor's Fury[]

Ambassador Varg has been imprisoned. Tavi visits him and plays ludus with him. Varg compliments his play style and continues to show weaknesses in Tavi's strategies. While he enjoys the company, Varg makes it clear that, if freed, he would still try to kill every last Aleran he could if it meant a better life for the Canim.