Formerly an Academ and now a Cursor, Ehren, though incredibly intelligent and a competent fighter, lacks strong furycrafting. He is often teased by his fellow students, but is a close friend to Tavi and Max. He rescues Tavi and Kitai in Academ's Fury after they are kidnapped by Gaelle and Kalare's assassins in the Deeps. Interestingly, he used his weak fury to his advantage because weak furycrafting is harder to detect so no one noticed him breaking in using his wood fury. He also solicits the assistance of Lady Placida and Aquitaine during the Vord attack on the Citadel. In Cursor's Fury, he worked as a Cursor on an island to the west of Alera, returning to the mainland in time to warn Tavi and Max of the impending Canim invasion. In Captains Fury he helps Tavi rescue Varg from The Grey Tower. In Princeps Fury Ehren warns Gaius Sextus of the impending Vord invasion, and their use of furycraft. He serves as an advisor to the First Lord during the campaign against the Vord. He is injured and thought dead during the Vord attack on Caulderon, revealed to be as a ploy to make Aquitane think he died and thus avoid his revenge. He becomes Tavi's highest ranking cursor after the war.

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