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Sarl is a Canim. He is a member of the ritualist caste.

In Academ's Fury[]

Sarl first appears as Ambassador Varg's advisor. Varg sends Tavi to investigate "rats in the wall". In his investigation, Tavi overhears Sarl colluding with someone, though who it is and what the plan is is not clear. Later, Varg leads Tavi and Kitai to the Vord nest in The Deeps. From there, Sarl is overheard plotting with the Vord Queen about an attack on the Aleran First Lord that will cause a big enough opening for the Canim to attack. The plan ultimately fails and Sarl disappears.

In Cursor's Fury[]

The next time Sarl appears, he's leading an army across Alera. He has cast a form of sorcery that has turned the sky red which also attacks anyone without a particular stone. He's marching toward Elinarch, a major bridge across the Tiber river which will expand his attack front. Tavi is leading the First Aleran in the defense of Elinarch. As he approaches, he sends a raiding party to test the defenses. Tavi knows the tactic, approaches the Canim war camp, and calls Sarl out to face him. Sarl reluctantly does so. During the exchange, Tavi taunts him to the point that Sarl attacks him with Canim lightning, which was previously used to destroy the leadership of the First Aleran. The attack fails, but Tavi is still chased back to his defenses.

Sarl tries to maintain his respect within the army and makes several tactical errors in the process. The leader of the warrior caste, Nasaug, was successfully pushing foward and steadily overrunning the Aleran defenses. Sarl forces him to discontinue, knowing that a strategic victory for Nasaug would push Sarl out of leadership. Sarl then sends a standard raiding party to show that such attacks will not work. He then pushes his own ritualists forward to show off their strength. Tavi, however, knew Sarl would do this and had prepared a trap. During the exchange, Sarl's attack is routed and Sarl himself is killed.