The Memoriam is a mausoleum built by Gaius Sextus in the Calderon Valley on the Field of Tears upon Princeps Septimus’ death, fifteen years before the events of Furies of Calderon. A dome of marble approximately twenty feet tall, with the interior made of crystal, seven fires burn within, around a pool surrounded by foliage. Seven suits of armor stand between the fires complete with decoration and weapons, the armor that of the Royal Guard. A block of black basalt rests at the center of the pool, upon which a pure white marble statue of Septimus rests, clad in armor and cape. Tavi and Amara use it for shelter during a furystorm in Furies of Calderon. It is not only a resting place from such things as furystorms, but it is reinforced with furies to keep the shades of the dead away. It has water, fire, weapons, and food—everything a good refuge for one of the Crown’s agents would need.

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