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The city of Placida is one of the High Cities of Alera, namesake for the house of Placida and at the start of the series, ruled by High Lord Placidus Sandos and High Lady Placidus Aria.

The city is located on the border of the Amaranth Vale, in the north-west quadrant of Alera. The city lies directly between its nearest neighbour, Antillus to the north-west, and the Alera Imperia, to the south-east, such that the causeway to Antillus merges with that from the capital.The city's sigil is the Twin Bulls of Placida and its colours are green on green.

The Legions protecting the city and surrounding region are the First, Second and Third Placidan. In contrast to the legions usual reliance on furycrafted causeways, High Lord Placidus Sandos had mounted the entirety of one of these legions by the events of Princep's Fury.

Notable Citizens[]