Odiana is a powerful watercrafter, though her empathic abilities have driven her mad, making her a somewhat unknown variable in the struggle between the First Lord and Aquitaine. She is Aldrick's lover, and faithful only to him. She was made a slave when she was eleven after a steadholder sold her father's debt to slavers. She was rescued from slavery by Septimus and his singulares, including Aldric. Shortly afterword’s, it was discovered that Aldric was sleeping with Odiana, an event which led to his duel with Araris, and his expulsion from Septimus' guard. Kord briefly enslaved her again during the events of Furies of Calderon, but she escaped with Isana's help. In return, she saved the lives of Bernard, Tavi, and Fade at the Second Battle of Calderon. She returned in Cursor's Fury, assisting Amara at Lady Aquitaine's behest in the rescue of Kalare's hostages.

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