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*Wolf Clan — ''Drahga-ha''
*Wolf Clan — ''Drahga-ha''
*Lion Clan'' -- (Extinct)''

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Marat by sandara-d3iym35

Art © sandara

The Marat are a tribal group of people split into different clans by totem. These totems are known as chala, and are the animals with which a Marat will bond with for life. The Marat reside in Maratea, on the other side of the Calderon land bridge.


  • Fox Clan (extinct)
  • Gargant Clan — Sabot-ha
  • Herdbane Clan – Sishrak-ha
  • Horse Clan — Kevras-ha
  • Wolf Clan — Drahga-ha
  • Lion Clan -- (Extinct)
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