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Marat by sandara-d3iym35

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The Marat are a race of people that inhabit Maratea. Although physiologically similar to Alerans, enough to be interfertile, there are physical distinctions between the Marat and Aleran peoples - chiefly their distinctive silvery or white hair and pale skin. In addition, each tribe appears to have physical differences tied to the physical attributes of their clan's totem animal, i.e. members of Clan Gargant being extraordinarily muscled, or members of Clan Wolf having prominent canine teeth. They also have exceptional night vision and a feverishly high natural body temperature - such that they can wear little clothing in climes in which Alerans would risk frostbite. They are traditionally enemies of Alera, but the relationship between these nations develop throughout the series.

The Marat are a tribal group of people split into different clans by totem. These totems are known as chala, and are the animals with which a Marat will bond with for life. Each Clan is lead by a cho-vin or 'Headman' - the chief of a clan. In times of war, a Hordemaster, a sort of chief-of-chiefs, is chosen from amongst the headmen to lead the combined might of the tribes.

As a people, their religion is based upon the idea of a multitude of spirits, inhabiting all living and nonliving things. Everything is connected, and thus everything is a part of "The One". As all life, to them, seems to flow from the sun, the sun is their representation in a way of "The One". Important rituals and clan discussions can only happen in the sight of "The One", or the sun.

Prior to becoming a nomadic civilization, the Marat were a settled people in another land. However, they encountered the Vord, and after being nearly destroyed, were driven away to Maratea.


  • Fox Clan (extinct)
  • Gargant Clan, the Sabot-ha led by Headman Doroga.
  • Herdbane Clan, the Sishrak-ha led by Headman and Hordemaster Atsurak at the start of the series.
  • Horse Clan, the Kevras-ha led by Headman Hashat
  • Wolf Clan, the Drahga-ha led by Headman Skagara at the start of the series
  • Lion Clan -- status unknown
  • Unnamed seventh Clan, represented by the empty seventh seat in the horto -- status unknown