Lady Placida is a member of the Dianic League, though she and her husband try to remain politically neutral. Unlike many High Lords and Ladies, their marriage was arranged out of love, not political gain. She prevents Kalare and his son, Brencis, from killing Max and Tavi in the streets of Alera Imperia, and assists Ehren in soliciting the aide of Lord and Lady Aquitaine during the Vord attack on the Citadel. During Cursor's Fury, she is kidnapped by Kalare and held to prevent her husband from joining forces with Gaius in the civil war. During the escape from Kalare, she calls upon an equine earth fury by the name of Lithia and defeats several guardian gargoyles. Upon their return to High Lord Cereus' stronghold, she compliments Amara and Bernard for going "beyond the call of duty". She assists Aquitane during his campaign against the Vord and partakes in the assassination attempt against the Vord Queen, however she is defeated and poisoned. Isana saves her life and she survives the battle.

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