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Kalarus Brencis, is the High Lord of the realm of Kalare. Like most Lords, he's a strong crafter of all furies, though his primary fury is of fire. Most of the economy of his realm is through the exploitation and trade of slaves. Because of this, he is perpetually at odds with the Dianic League, which is attempting outlaw slavery. His son and heir is Kalarus Brencis Minoris, who harrasses Tavi because Tavi is furyless. His sister Lady Antillus marries Max's father Lord Antillus Raucus.

Academ's Fury[]

Kalare learns that Isana has come to Alera Imperia and has strong anti-slavery ideas and will probably join the Dianic League. She is also the first named female Citizen in the realm (all other female Citizens either married into it or were successful in Juris Macto). Because of this, he arranges for two assassination attempts, both of which fail.

Cursor's Fury[]

Kalare arranges for a large, open attack on a large number of members in the Dianic League. He also colludes with the Canim, allowing a full-scale invasion of Alera. To prevent interference from his neighbors, Kalare arranges to have several key people kidnapped and held prisoner. Kalare had also planned to take the leadership out and put his sister in charge of the First Aleran, which is the only group of legionnaires between the Canim and Alera Imperial. Due to Tavi and Max, however, this plan falls through, putting Tavi in charge when the First Aleran leadership is taken out.