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The city of Kalare is one of the High Cities of Alera, namesake for the house of Kalare and at the start of the series, ruled by High Lord Kalarus Brencis. As such, Karare bears the colours of its High Lord; The Grey and Green of the House of Kalarus.

The city is located on the volcanic mountain of Kalus, in the western coast of Alera, west of Alera Imperia and south-west of its nearest neighbour, Ceres. The city is infamous for its slave trade, and is hinted at being the source of the discipline collars almost ubiquitous around the neck of slaves in Alera. The citizenry of Kalare are seen to live at the expense of its freemen, living in luxury while the rest of the population lives in squalor.

The Legions protecting the city and surrounding region are the First, Second and Third Kalaran. In addition to the legal legions, High Lord Kalarus also raised another four legions in preparation for his uprising. The creation of the Immortals, slave soldiers conditioned since childhood through discipline collars for extreme loyalty and insensitivity to pain also occurred in Kalare and these soldiers further bolsted his forces. The Kalaran Bloodcrows, Lord Kalarus' equivalent to the Cursors, were headquartered here.

Notable Citizens[]