Isana is a powerful watercrafter living Bernardholt with her brother Bernard. She and Bernard have been raising Tavi since her sister Alia was killed seventeen years ago at the First Battle of Calderon. She is somewhere between the ages of thirty-seven and forty-two at the outset of Furies of Calderon.

Furies of Calderon

Preparing for the Truthfind

Isana is working at Bernardholt with Bernard and Tavi. In the Calderon Valley, she is known as the most powerful watercrafter and she has been chosen to lead a truthfind. Kord's son Bittan, is accused of raping Warner's daughter Heddy. Isana's poweful watercrafting abilities allow her to act as a living lie detector. Kord and his sons arrive along with Warner and Heddy. After a near brawl between Kord and Warner, Isana instructs Fade to make sure they don't get close enough to each other to cause problems.

Healing Bernard

Before the truthtelling, Isana takes a nap. While she is asleep, a furystorm blows in. During the storm, an injured Bernard returns and Isana is awakened. As she enters the main room of the steadholt, she finds the storm in full force and no one tending to injuries. Bittan has firecrafted most of the room into a panic which has gripped them entirely. Isana attempts to say something about it, but is prevented from doing so by Aric, who has windcrafted her breath away. Fade understands what's going on and is able to stop the crafting and, with the help of Warner and several other steadholders, is able to evict Kord and his sons. Isana is then able to heal her brother, though it takes a great deal of effort.

Fight at the Ford

Tavi returns the next morning, saying he's seen the Marat. Tavi, Amara, Fade and Bernard go to warn the Count of Calderon. They're ambushed by Kord and his sons at the river. During the fight, Fidelias, Odiana, and Aldrick ex Gladius appear. Odiana almost kills Tavi, but Isana appears in time to stop her. Tavi, Fade, Amara, and Bernard escape. Isana and Odiana are captured by Kord, who intends to use slave collars to break them.

Escape and the Garrison

With the help of Aric, Isana and Odiana manage to escape. Kord catches up with them at the Garrison while the Marat are attacking. Isana manages to cripple Kord so the invading Marat kill him. The Count of Calderon is killed during the battle and Gaius Sextus names Bernard the new Count Calderon. He then names Isana a the new steadholder of Bernardholt, making her the first female named a Citizen in history.

Academ's Fury

Early Warnings

Doroga arrives at Isanaholt to warn that the Vord are on the move to Aricholt and Alera Imperia. He believes the fight will be a difficult one and thinks they should ask for reinforcements to deal with the Vord at Aricholt. There's also evidince that the Vord are tracking Tavi. Isana goes to Alera Imperia to warn Tavi and to hopefully gather reinforcments for Aricholt.

Ignored Messages

Once at Alera Imperia, an assasination is attempted on Isana. She makes several attempts to get in touch with Gaius Sextus and Tavi, but isn't getting a response. She goes to a large social function to hopefully get a Lord's attention in the matter. There, she meets Lady Aquitaine. Fearing that she can't control her rage (she suspects that Lord and Lady Aquitaine were behind the Marat attack on the garrison), Isana leaves the gathering.

Unexpected Help

On her way to her quarters, she and her group is attacked. The rest of the group is killed, and she's seriously injured. Fidelias finishes off what remains of the assault and takes Isana to his hiding place. She rests and recovers there. Lady Aquitaine informs Isana that she'll send reinforcements to Calderon Valley as well as make sure Tavi is okay in exchange for voting the way Lady Aquitaine wants in the open council.

Cursor's Fury

Surprise Attack

Isana goes to the city of Ceres to meet with the Dianic League to make plans for an upcoming vote to abolish slavery in Alera. During the feast, the sky turns red and Kalare's immortals arrive, slaying many members of the League. They're all eventually killed, but Kalare announces that he's responsible and is now marching his legions to Ceres to finish the assault. During the fight, Fade blocks an arrow bound for Isana with his hand. The wound isn't inherently deadly, but the arrow was ill-cared for and Fade develops a very severe infection.

Healing Fade and Surprises

The healing process for the infection is a very slow one. Isana spends days at a time healing Fade, only occasionally being relieved by Lord Ceres's daughter. While healing him, Isana wanders into Fade's mind. Fade blames himself for Gaius Septimus's death and for Tavi's current furyless state. Isana reassures him that Gaius's death wasn't his fault, nor was Tavi. It's revealed that Isana is actually Tavi's mother and that she used watercrafting to slow Tavi's growth so that Gaius's enemies wouldn't come after him. Fade reveals that he has loved Isana for some time and Isana, seeing how much he has cared, tells Fade she loves him too. Fade is eventually completely healed.

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