Isana is a powerful watercrafter living Bernardholt with her brother Bernard. She and Bernard have been raising Tavi since her sister Alia was killed seventeen years ago at the First Battle of Calderon. She is somewhere between the ages of thirty-seven and forty-two at the outset of Furies of Calderon.

Furies of Calderon

Preparing for the Truthfind

Isana is working at Bernardholt with Bernard and Tavi. In the Calderon Valley, she is known as the most powerful watercrafter and she has been chosen to lead a truthfind. Kord's son Bittan, is accused of raping Warner's daughter Heddy. Isana's poweful watercrafting abilities allow her to act as a living lie detector. Kord and his sons arrive along with Warner and Heddy arrive. After a near brawl between Kord and Warner, Isana instructs Fade to make sure they don't get close enough to each other to cause problems.

Healing Bernard

Before the truthtelling, Isana takes a nap. While she is asleep, a furystorm blows in. During the storm, an injured Bernard returns and Isana is awakened. As she enters the main room of the steadholt, she finds the storm in full force and no one tending to injuries. Bittan has firecrafted most of the room into a panic which has gripped them entirely. Isana attempts to say something about it, but is prevented from doing so by Aric, who has windcrafted her breath away. Fade understands what's going on and is able to stop the crafting and, with the help of Warner and several other steadholders, is able to evict Kord and his sons. Isana is then able to heal her brother, though it takes a great deal of effort.

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