Check how many edits you have made with Special:Editcount.

This feature is not currently available on new wikis which use the new Unified Community Platform (UCP).
See this page for more information on the new platform.

Editcount is a special page found at Special:Editcount on any community. Simply enter a username in the input box on the Editcount page and click "Submit." The next page will give you a list of statistics for that community, as well as your activity on the entire Fandom network. You can see this for any registered user, yourself included.

What can I see on this page?

The local data is found in the left column, with the database name of the wiki at the top of the column. This shows your total amount of edits for that wiki, as well as the number of edits you have made in each individual namespace. In the picture to the right, for example, User:Fandom is shown as having 31 user namespace edits. Those 31 edits are 4.21% of the 735 edits it has made on the wiki in total.

Global data, found in the right column, is your edit count information for the entire Fandom network. It will show how many edits you have made in those particular namespaces on all communities, as well as their percentage of your entire edit count across Fandom.

Please note that global data is not automatically updated, as it uses cached data and is sometimes disabled to save some server load time. This can lead to slow updates and numbers not adding up correctly, or to not having any data at all. Not to worry, though! Nothing is lost, so your edits are still there. Just give it some time and check back later. We promise!

Using the Editcount page

You may want to reference this Editcount page elsewhere on the community. There are a few ways in which you can do that:

  • Linking Special:Editcount/Username, with "Username" being replaced with the name of the person whose edit count you're looking up, will take you directly to that person's edit count page.
  • Using {{Special:Editcount/Username}} will embed Username's local edit count.
  • Using {{Special:Editcount/Username/Namespace}}, with "Namespace" being replaced by the name of the namespace, will embed the number of local edits for a specific namespace.

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