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Clanhead of the Horse Clan of the Marat, Hashat is a lean woman with darker skin than most Marat. Her hair is shorn in the typical Horse Clan fashion: shaved on the sides to create a mane of hair.

Prior to Furies of Calderon[]

Hashat had several eagle-emblem cloak pins which she took from the bodies of Septimus' personal guard (whom she killed) at First Calderon.

"She got to close on the Princeps and his singulares after they'd been fighting for a solid hour already and had already sustained multiple minor injuries and were beginning to slow and tire. She was on horseback and they weren't. Except for one of them, she was using non-metal weaponry, which posed a real problem for men who relied so heavily on their metalcrafting.

She shot a couple of them in the neck/face with arrows while riding by on her horse, killed one with a stone knife after her horse had knocked him down and stunned him, then took his sword and fought the last Aleran alive, one of the exhausted singulares, one-on-one, and killed him.

And then she ate big bites of all of their hearts, to honor them, and took the sword, baldric, and cloak pins as trophies. " -WoJ, December 4, 2009