Gaelle was a female Cursor trainee and traitor to the crown in Academ's Fury. Tavi discovers the real Gaelle was killed by Kalare, and is currently being impersonated by a strong watercrafter. In Cursor's Fury, Amara discovers that Rook's daughter, Masha, is being held hostage by Kalare, to force Rook's actions. After Amara rescues Masha, the Rook is given a pardon and she and her daughter are allowed to live quietly on a steadholt. During the events of Princeps' Fury, Rook is enslaved by Kalarus Brencis Minoris, although she fights the control of the slave collar and tries to manipulate him and undermine his work for the Vord Queen. It also is revealed that Brencis fathered Rook's daughter. Rook is ultimately killed by the Vord Queen when she brutally rips out a chunk of Rook's throat.

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