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Very little is known about the Icemen except that they are a savage enemy of [[Realm of Alera|Alera]], held at bay along the northern fringes of the empire by the [[Shieldwall]]. The expense of maintaining the northern defenses, as well as the slave trade, has caused a political rift between the cities of northern Alera and the cities of southern Alera. The [[Marat]] use the hair of female Icemen to make incredibly strong, lightweight ropes that will not freeze and break, even in the coldest of climates.
Called the Icemen by Alerans, the ''Gadrim-Ha'' reside north of the Shieldwall. Watercrafters of ability, they often attack the Shieldwall, especially when they sense when the [[Realm of Alera|Realm]] is dealing with another threat. During the events of [[First Lord's Fury|''First Lord's ''''Fury'']], they are sold the Shieldwall in exchange for a ceasefire, though Alera will maintain upkeep of the wall.
In the Marat language, they are called the ''Gadrim-ha''. Icemen first appear in the prologue of "Princeps' Fury" where they are described as being apelike creatures, the tallest the size of a legionnare but with broader shoulders and chest. They hurl icicles as javelins. In "[[Princeps' Fury]]", some light is shed upon their method of communication; they make use of considerable mental powers to share emotions. The use of this ability is also available to watercrafters, as [[Isana]] demonstrates during negotiations with the Icemen. She also theorizes that this, in conjunction with some type of firecrafting, is the accidental cause of the conflict between Icemen and Alerans, igniting passions that escalated into war. It is also hinted that they wield some form of control over the weather; their military movements are almost always accompanied by snow storms.
In ''[[First Lord's Fury]],'' Tavi announces that Alera will lease the Wall from the Icemen before eventually tearing it down. After the Vord War is concluded, the Icemen become a part of the new racially integrated society of Alera, receiving their own recognized state. An Iceman even attends Tavi and Kitai's wedding, with the aid of a coldstone amulet around its neck.
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