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A Legion formed from the Aleran slaves in the portion of Alera taken by the Canim during the events of "Cursor's Fury". These troops were freed, armed and directed by Sarl during his attempted occupation of Alera and the ensuing battles with the First Aleran.

They are later involved in the expedition to Canea, in so earning an official pardon from the First Lord, and in a sense, paying a debt they feel is owed by them to their Canim rescuers. Afterwards, the return on the Ice Ships along side the First Aleran, the Nasharan and Shuaran Canes retreating from Canea after its fall to the Vord. Upon their return, they are involved in Third Calderon, the final decisive battle of the Vord War.

They are lead by {Someone}, with Durias acting as first spear. Antillus Dorotea is collared by Sarl and put to work for the legion. After his death, with nobody now able to release her, she becomes one of the Free Aleran's healers in accordance to the last commands set by the Cane Ritualist.

They purposefully have no insignia, scrubbing them off any lorica they use.