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The First Aleran was a legion formed from legionnaires brought together from every region in Alera. The goal was to create a unified force that would always act only in the interest of Alera, since no legionnaire within the group would willingly attack their homeland. Due to political infighting, though, many of the recruits of the First Aleran were subpar. Many Knights Aeris were given, though they were very weak in their crafting and many of them could not fly. The group was also given a large number of fresh recruits, referred to as "fish". It's also assumed that every region sent spies as well.

The First Aleran are initially led by Captain Cyril, but after the death or incapacitation of the majority of the chain of command, Tavi takes command under the guise of Subtribune Rufus Scipio.

Legion Standard & Symbol[]

The origional standard of the First Aleran was "a blue-and-scarlet eagle, spread as if in flight, it's background also scarlet and blue, halved, contrasting the colours of the eagle.". After the First Battle of the Elinarch, the standard's "eagle [was] burned black, and the First Aleran's 'battlecrow' had never been replaced."

Its insignia on the soldiers lorica, "the symbol of First Aleran, the [azure] eagle upon a field of scarlet and silver."

In the Battlecrow Cohort, the lorica Eagle "had been blackened and subtly altered into the shape of a crow" in order to match the burnt standard.


The First Aleran initially consists of the usual legion makeup of legionnaires, knights, support staff and camp followers. During the defense of the Elinach several groups distinguished themselves and receive unique titles.

The Knights Pisces[]

The Knights Pisces are dubbed such when Tavi notes they're the "fish", or barely competent recruits, when compared to the knights of an established legion. Due to their daring acts during the defense of the Elinach, and after seeing the result of Tavi's plan to bring up sharks to deal with Canim swimming the river, they embrace the name.

They are led by Tribune Antillus Crassus, with Sir Callum serving as his second in command.

The Battlecrows[]

The Cohort[]

The Battlecrows are a veteran cohort of the First Aleran. The Battlecrows are the cohort who followed Tavi personally into the defining battle at the end of the Defense of the Elinarch, and ever since had maintained a reputation for discipline, deadly efficiency on the battlefield, and reckless disregard for danger. In most Legions, men sought to gain promotion to the Prime Cohort, traditionally the cohort composed of the Legion’s most experienced and highest paid soldiers. In the First Aleran, men strove very nearly as hard to be accepted into the Battlecrows, the cohort that most often followed the captain into the deadliest portions of the battlefield.

They are led by Centurion Shultz, when not under the direct command of the Captain or First Spear.

Origin of the Name[]

During the Defense of the Elinach, Tavi, carrying the eagle standard of the Legion is struck by the lightning of the Canim Ritualists and survives due to a Canim Bloodstone. In the process, the eagle of the standard is burned and blackened. This show of defiance in the face of the Canim, and his apparently miraculous survival whilst carrying the standard, leads to it becoming a rallying sight and point of pride for the legion. The cohort that followed Tavi personally into these struggles later altered their lorica insignia to match the the blackened eagle, causing him to dub them the Battlecrow Cohort.

Marat Auxiliary[]

In addition to the regular alae of cavalry, the First Aleran was later reinforced with Marat cavalry provided by Hashat of the Kevras-ha. These cavalry served as scouts and raiders due to their exceptional night vision and training with horses. Later they served as singulares, or bodyguards for Tavi, during the war with the Canim after the defense of Elinach.

Mounted Infantry[]

The First Aleran fielded mounted infantry under Tavi's orders during the conflict with the Canim. These troops would ride to the battle, and then dismount for combat. This allowed them to match the Cane's superior overland speed without being limited to the causeways.


  • Tavi, initially under the guise of Rufus Scipio. Cursor and Third Subtribune Logistica, later Captain
  • Captain Cyril. Captain, later takes up a senior strategical position after injury.
  • Antillar Maximus. Cursor and Centurion, later Tribune Auxiliaris, Later Legion Tribune
  • Antillus Crassus. Knight, later Knight Tribune and occasional acting Captain
  • Magnus. Cursor and Valet, later unofficial head of intelligence.
  • Valiar Marcus, a guise and eventual new identity of Fidelias. First Spear.
  • Schultz. Legionare later Centurion
  • Ehren ex Cursori. Messenger attached to the First Aleran, employed as an intelligence agent.
  • Kitai. Initially hiding among the camp followers as a beggar, later an ambassador and member of the Marat Auxiliary.
  • Mistress Cymena. Camp follower and matron of the Pavillion. Later, Tribune Logistica.
  • Sir Callum. Knight and Second in Command of the Knights Pisces
  • Quartus, Cavalry Centurion and Second in Command under Antillar Maximus.

Cursor's Fury[]

The First Aleran was created in Cursor's Fury. It was initially created mostly as a show. Tavi is assigned as a Third Subtribune Logistica, aiding in keeping up with the supplies needed and used within the group of legionnaires. Due to a traitor, though, almost all of the field officers are killed in a surprise Canim lightning bolt attack. As the most senior remaining officer, Tavi is field promoted to Captain.

Information of a Canim invasion is discovered and Tavi moves the First Aleran to Elinarch, hoping to hold the Canim there. The Canim appear in very large force - nearly 60,000 troops. Although outnumbered and severely lacking in combat experience, the First Aleran manages to hold and eventually repel the Canim assault force, using several non-traditional tactics and the Canim force making several tactical mistakes.