Codex Alera Wiki

The Citizenry are the elite few of Alera. They are allowed to vote. The ranks of the Citizenry are as follows:

  • Steadholder — The head of a steadholt. A provisional rank - a Steadholder is only considered a Citizen on his steadholt and loses the privileges when off it.
  • Count/Countess — Presides over a small number of steadholts, their immediate lord.
  • Lord/Lady — Rules a section of a High City's land.
  • High Lord/Lady — De facto rulers of the High Cities and all land within their borders.
  • First Lord/Lady — The leader of Alera, the First Lord is subject only to the wishes of the Senate and the laws of the Realm. Typically the single most powerful furycrafter in the Realm, the First Lord wields extraordinary power through the fury Gaius Sextus called “Alera.”

There are 3 ways to become a Citizen:

  1. Serving a term as combat personnel in the Aleran Legions and distinguishing oneself.
  2. Defeat a Citizen in Juris Macto.
  3. Being named a Steadholder, Count, or Lord.