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The city of Ceres is one of the High Cities of Alera, namesake for the house of Ceres and ruled by High Lord Cerus.

The city is located in the Amaranth Vale, in western portion of the realm. Despite being almost equidistant from the northern and southern borders of the realm, its proximity to its southern neighbours and location in the Vale mark it as a "Southern City" in political parliance. The city is notable for a group of abolitionists who hang slavers, causing tension with the slaver city of Kalare to the immediate south west. Its colours are brown and grey.

The Legions protecting the city and surrounding region are the First, Second and Third Ceresian.

Cursor's Fury[]

The city host the Dianic League summit as well as Isana's family reunion. Ceres is a major target of High Lord Kalare plan to take over the realm. Numerous targets who were in the city at the time were assassinated as well as High Lady Placida and High Lord Attica's daughter being captured by Kalare's forces. The city is soon besieged but not before Kalrus destroys the 2 Ceseren Legion and the Crown Legion arrives to aid the Ceres. The siege is later broken soon after the rescue of the High Born hostages from the enemies clutches.

Notable Citizens[]

  • High Lord Cerus
  • Lady Veradis