Brother to Isana and uncle to Tavi, Bernard is a large-framed man. A former legionare, he has the earth and woodcrafting skills of a Knight Terra and Flora, though he never joined the Knights ranks by his own choice. His earth fury is named Brutus, his wood fury is named Cyprus. Bernard was married, but his wife and two daughters passed away ten years prior to Furies of Calderon due to the Blight.

Bernard is a powerful earth and woodcrafter. His earth fury manifests as a great stone hound named Brutus, while his wood fury manifests as a humanoid named Cyprus

Furies of Calderon

Steadholder of Bernardholt, Bernard sets out with Tavi to find the sheep Tavi let slip away. Instead of the sheep, they come across Atsurak and two herdbane. Bernard is severely wounded in the encounter, and Brutus carries him back to Bernardholt, where Isana heals him. After finding Tavi, he takes Amara in, and gives her the slippers of his late wife. When Tavi and Amara flee to the Rillwater, Bernard tracks them, and confronts Kord and his sons, as well as Fidelias, Aldrick, and Odiana. Bernard and Amara escape together, and make their way to Garrison, where they are arrested. While locked up, Bernard unintentionally earthcrafts on Amara, drawing their feelings for each other to the forefront. However, they push their feelings aside and prepare Garrison for combat. Bernard takes command of the archers and ambushes Fidelias and his Knights when they attempt to ambush Garrison. He stands with Amara against Aldrick ex Gladius on the wall, and is fatally wounded by Aldrick. In the immediate aftermath, he is saved from death by Odiana as she repays her debt to Isana. During the later ceremonies at Bernardholt, Bernard is elevated to the rank of Count by Gaius Sextus, taking the title "Count Calderon."

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