Atsurak is the cho-vin, the headman of the Herbane Clan of the Marat. He has gold eyes, broad shoulders, and long thick hair. Atsurak’s clothing consists of a simple belt for pouches, and herdbane feathers decorate his hair. Known amongst the Marat as “Atsurak the Bloody,” “Asturak the Whelpkiller.”

Furies of CalderonEdit

Atsurak is influenced by Aquitaine to attack the Alerans in the Calderon Valley, and to do so, he joins forces with Clans Wolf, Horse, and Gargant. However, the Horse and Gargant Clans are uneasy about following Atsurak’s lead. When Bernard and Tavi track Dodger’s flock, they instead encounter Atsurak and his two herdbane and kill one of the animals, throwing Atsurak into a rage. When Atsurak meets with Fidelias, he demands a token of goodwill, Aquitaine’s signet dagger, which he then wears prominently. In the battle of Second Calderon, Atsurak is called out under the One by Doroga, and is defeated, but Atsurak attempts to have Doroga killed at the end with a poisoned arrow. Atsurak meets his final demise at the hands of Fidelias, who slits his throat in an attempt to retrieve Aquitaine’s signet dagger.

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