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The High Lady of Aquitaine, Invidia is wife to Attis. She is an exceptional beauty, dark of hair and grey of eye. She is as treacherous as she is beautiful, however, and is the mastermind behind most of Aquitaine’s plotting. Invidia is cold and aloof, very rarely feeling any sort of passion. Before marrying Attis, Invidia was betrothed to Princeps Gaius Septimus, who shunned her advances—and she retaliated by coordinating the coup that ultimately killed the Princeps.

Furies of Calderon[]

Invidia was present in the watercrafted guise of a slave girl when Fidelias exposed Calix. She begins her affair with Fidelias immediately following, before he leaves for the Calderon Valley. After his return from the Valley and the failed assault, she reveals to Fidelias that Attis is having an affair with First Lady Caria, showing that there was more than one knife at Gaius Sextus’ back.

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