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Attis is the High Lord of Aquitaine and the husband of Invidia. A tall man with a leonine build, Attis has eyes of pitch black and dark golden hair that falls to his shoulders. He has his vices, which include but are not limited to dancing girls and gloating after a victory. Attis has had no faith in the house of Gaius since the murder of his friend Septimus fifteen years before Furies of Calderon. While he has little to no loyalty to Gaius, he is fiercely loyal to the Realm of Alera and is a capable field commander.

As a High lord, Aquitainus Attis demonstrates ability in all crafting disciplines, Water, Wind, Earth, Fire and Metal. His furies are unnamed but manifest as follows: Wind as a Shark, Fire as willow tree, water as a lizard, Earth as a Snake, Wood as a great Bull with horns as long as legion spears.

Furies of Calderon[]

Attis was the main force behind the plot to overthrow Sextus by manipulating the Marat to assault the Calderon Valley, thereby showing the weakness of the House of Gaius in protecting the citizens of the Realm. While the plot fails for the most part, it is revealed that Attis is also sleeping with Gaius Caria—the First Lord’s wife.

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