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The illegitimate son of High Lord Antillus Raucus, Antillar Maximus (known to his friends as Max) is strong in all forms of furycrafting, much like his father. Prior to the series, he was raised with his half-brother Antillus Crassus by his abusive stepmother, High Lady Antillus Dorotea. Max would sometimes take the blame for something Crassus had done, so to not see his brother punished. However, once he realized his furycrafting strength, Max threatened to kill Dorotea if she ever punished him again. Accidents began happening to Max shortly thereafter, and though Max knew his stepmother was behind them, he couldn't prove it. So, once he was old enough, he escaped to the Legions, and from there Max attended the Academy in Alera Imperia, training to become a Cursor.

During his duty as a cursor, he joins the First Aleran as a centurion. Under Tavi, he later becomes a Tribune.

As the son of a High lord, Antillus Crassus demonstrates ability in all crafting disciplines, Water, Wind, Earth, Fire and Metal. However due to an assassination attempt by his stepmother involving salt, he has a fear of flying, and instead moves in giant, wind propelled bounds. His water fury is named Androcles, and like his half-brother's, manifests as a great lion, .

Academ's Fury[]

Max is first met during Academ's Fury. Tavi and Max are both in the Academy training to be Cursors. Kalarus Brencis Minoris and several of his cohorts regularly harass Tavi for being furyless. Max steps in where he can to keep Brencis in his place.

When the First Lord is stricken ill, Tavi asks Max to step in and use his watercrafting abilities to impersonate the First Lord. This works well until Tavi gets in a backalley brawl with Brencis. Max steps in to fight with Tavi and is seriously wounded in the process. Since neither one of them are Citizens and Brencis has recently won his Citizen status from his father, Max is put in jail for assaulting a Citizen (Tavi is ignored because Brencis's father is trying to cover up the fact that his son was almost defeated by a "furyless freak").

Tavi and Kitai manage to break Max out of jail unnoticed and Max is free to continue impersonating the First Lord. However, the Vord have chosen to go ahead and make their assault on the First Lord in an attempt to destabilize the kingdom. Max fights as best as he can, but is still pretty severely injured. The decision is made to leave him in his disguise so that, if he's killed, the Vord may discontinue their assault thinking their target is dead. Fortunately, the Vord are stopped before this point.