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Amara is a slender golden-skinned, golden-haired woman in service the First Lord as a Cursor. She began studying at the Academy five years before Furies of Calderon, and her patriserus was Fidelias. Gaius Sextus has seen fit to award her the honorary rank of Countess.

Amara is a talented windcrafter, talented enough to match Gaius Sextus' speed in flying, and to outperform even High Lords in the air. Her fury is named Cirrus.

Furies of Calderon[]

As her final assessment for her graduation from the Academy as a full Cursor, Amara was given the mission of discovering who was in command of a renegade Legion. Traveling to the eastern edge of the Realm with Fidelias, her patriserus, they come across the Legion camp and get themselves captured. Expecting Fidelias to help her escape, he instead betrayed her, and Amara was forced to escape custody on her own. Fleeing to the south, she made contact with Gaius Sextus then flew to the Calderon Valley, where she met Tavi as they were both caught by a furystorm. She masqueraded as a slave when she reached Bernardholt, though her act did not fool Bernard. When Fidelias, Odiana, and Aldrick arrived searching for her, she and Tavi fled east through the valley toward Garrison so that she could alert the local Count. They were beset by Kord and his sons at the ford of the Rillwater, followed by Fidelias and company. Due to Isana's assistance, Amara and Bernard escaped to reach Garrison, where they were promptly accused of treason, and arrested. During this time, the two acknowledged the fact that there were feelings between them. When they were released, Amara proceeded to pull rank and take command of the defense of Garrison against the Marat horde. She survived Second Calderon, and proceeded to become a usual courier between Garrison and Alera Imperia.

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