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The city of Alera Imperia is the capital of the Realm of Alera, named for the nation and at the start of the series, ruled by First Lord Gaius Sextus and First Lady Gaius Caria.

Alera Imperia is the center of the Realm geographically, economically, culturally, academically, and politically. Sitting along the River Gaul and just south of the Redhill Heights, Alera Imperia herself is laid out in concentric rings, with the First Lord's citadel at the very center. The city is home to both the primary political body, the Senate, and the academic center of the Realm, the Academy. In addition, the Grey Tower also was built in Alera Imperia—a reminder that no one is above the law. Its colors are Scarlet and Azure, the colours of the House of Gaius and the First Lord. Both the Canim and the Marat established embassies in the capital.

The Legions protecting the city and surrounding regions are the First, Second and Third Imperian. Additionally, the Crown Legion, the personal legion of the First Lord of Alera, was garrisoned here after its reinstatement following Second Calderon.

The Deeps[]

Deep within the foundations of the capital, tunnels and passageways run through in a network known as the Deeps. Its various passageways connect most every part of the city, including the Canim Embassy and the First Lord's Citadel, and its tunnels have been utilized by many, including Cursors, Canim, and the Vord. Fidelias ex Cursori was rumored to have an almost complete knowledge of the various passageways through the Deeps.


Besides the walls of the city and its legions, Alera Imperia also had many gargoyles lining the walkway to the great citadel itself.


Alera Imperia stood for hundreds of years as the center of the Realm, until it was consumed in the Vord War. Gaius Sextus evacuated the city and sacrificed himself to rouse the great fire fury beneath the city. The city was destroyed along with the majority of the vord host, and the aftermath lit the sky for 50 miles around.